Steve G. Sullivan, Sr.

Steve G. Sullivan, Sr.

Steve has been a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare technology space for over 40 years, the highlights of which were the development of 2 major healthcare service technology companies.  During this time he built four different practice management systems, most still in use today. He is widely recognized as an industry leader and is known by the executives of most healthcare technology and RCM companies. In addition, he has personal connections with many hospital and physician leaders throughout the US,  particularly in the northeast. Steve has consistently applied insights about how technology can improve healthcare to create innovative solutions. He has been viewed as a visionary by many in the industry.

Steve was involved with the development of technology in the Cyber Security space for server-based applications and technologies for sensitive (encrypted) data “cloud” storage, access and highly secure transmission over open networks for the Intelligence community, the US Military, Government agencies, Law enforcement and private sector global organizations for server hardening, patch management, server-based, end-to-end communication and data storage solutions. For the past seven years, he has served as an Advisor to a number of technology companies, that develop mobile command and control systems, along with Cyber warfare software development. Leveraging his experience and business background to help these companies move from defense contracting to the commercial space, define new markets, or expand their businesses, depending on their needs.

Currently Steve is focused on the development and implementation of new multi-stage opportunities for a number of companies with cyber enablement, monitoring and management, and security technologies, products and services, national security-strategy which target the protection of critical infrastructure by achieving digital/cyber resilience and security particularly in global IT and Cyber Security.

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